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Spare parts

provide alternative spare parts for inductotherm induction furnaces ,furnaces and coil rehabilitation.

Maintenance contracts

providing technical support,maintenance contracts and after sales service.

Supply of production lines

supply of furnaces, production lines, continuous casting machines and spare parts.

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Induction Furnace

High Efficiency Melting Furnace for Metal Casting Industry

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Basic Info

Model NO.: GWG-2-1500/0.5J
Place Style: Vertical
Type: Concentrate Smelting Furnace
Fuel: Electric
Input Phase: 3phase
Specification: 2t-35t

Certification: CE, ISO
Range of Applications: Industrial
Usage: Melting Casting
Power: 1500kw
DC Voltage: 880V
Transport Package: Plywood Case

Product Description

Copper/brass Casting Industry Furnace Medium Frequency Induction Melting Furnace

Big capacity Medium Frequency Induction Melting Furnace For melting cast steel, cast iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminum Application
This GWG-J series Coreless Medium Frequency Induction Melting Furnace is for melting cast steel, cast iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other metals or its alloy. It can also be used together with self-heated furnaces and electric arc furnace for heating or keeping warm/holding the molten iron and molten steel.
It is particularly suitable for medium-size or big enterprises.
Structure Features
1. Solid steel structure and durable;
2. Good magnetic isolation, safe and reliable;
3. Solid frequency conversion power supply, easy operation; Adjustable power rate, easy operation and maintenance;
4. Easy to start up with load or free of load.
Electrical Feature:
1. Digital CMOS chip (U. S. ASIC-2-12), with the highest degree of integration at home, is used in control circuit, the overall machine controlled through one single panel;
2. Frequency-sweep zero voltage start, high success rate, no shock;
3. Automatic resistance adjustment, permanent power output, 10-20% energy saved in comparison with domestic traditional machine of the type;
4. Auto phase sequence adaptation, free of synchronization;
5. Good performance in reload staring, auto recovery;
6. Highly integrated in controlling circuit, free of use of high-rate starter and relay loop, fairly low failure rate;
7. Wholly digital design, strong in anti-interference, no temperature shift when in continuous working;
8. Multi-protection functions (for over current, over voltage, insufficient water pressure, power failure, or phase absence), and mishandling will not cause damage to machine.
Model explanation ( GWG-1-750/1J for example)
GWG--------Steel Shell Medium Frequency Induction Melting Furnace
-1-------Rated Capacity 1 Ton (1000kg)
-750-------Rated Power 750Kw
/1--------1000Hz (1KHz)
-J---------Hydraulic tilting

5kg-10kg Small Induction Iron Melting Furnace

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Basic Info

Model NO.: FXDLZ
Place Style: Vertical
Type: Crucible Melting Furnace Fuel: Electricity
Working Frequency: 1-20kHz
Input Voltage: 380 400 415 440 480 V
Capacity: 1-500kg
Prduct Name: Meltal Melt Furnace and Small Electric Smelter
Raw Materials: Copper Melting
Transport Package: Plywood Cases
Certification: CE, ISO
Range of Applications: Industrial
Usage: Steel Molding
Power Range: 15-300kw
Power Supply System: IGBT
Melting Type: 20~40 Mins Per Batch
Melting Time: 20~40 Mins Per Batch
Cooling: Cooling Tower or as Requirement
Specification: Induction furnace
HS Code: 8514200090

Product Description

Gold or precious meltal melt furnace and small electric smelter
Dear sir or madam, the Melting Induction Furnace is a hot product both in home and abroad. It is widely used for melting steel, stainless steel, copper, gold, silver or aluminum, etc. Capacity from 5kg-250kg meets various requiremnent. We offer 1 year warranty for this product and can repire or change free in the warranty time.
Great melting capacity ( Customization accepted)
Model of
power supply Smelting steel& stainless steel Smelting copper, gold, silver Smelting aluminum
IGBT-15 10KG 3KG
IGBT-25 5KG 20KG 6KG
IGBT-35 10KG 30KG 10KG
IGBT-45 18KG 50KG 20KG
IGBT-70 25KG 100KG 30KG
IGBT-110 50KG 150KG 50KG
IGBT-160 100KG 250KG 100KG
Multiple titling types
1. Manual titling melting furnace
2. Electric titling melting furnace
3. Hydraulic titling melting furnace
4. Other models
Multiple power choices ( Customization accepted)
Model of power supply Input power Output current Input power supply Oscillation frequency Weight of power supply Volume of power supply ( L*W*H)CM
MF-15 15KW 3-22 A Three phase,
50/60HZ 1KHZ-20KHZ or customized 24KG 46*27*45
MF-25 25KW 5-45 A 24KG
MF-35 35KW 20-70 A 34KG 65*35*55
MF-45 45KW 15-95 A 36KG
MF-70 70KW 20-130 A 51KG
MF-90 90KW 25-170 A 57KG 75*40*87
MF-110 110KW 30-200 A 89KG
MF-160 160KW 35-290 A 100KG 75*50*87

Outstanding features

1. IGBT induction furnaces--more efficient
2. Better heating penetration & temperature inside the melting metal
3. Small furnace body to save more space
4. Suitable for steel, copper, bronze, gold, silver, and aluminum and so on.
5. Reliable and Certified products-- ISO, CE

Courteous Service

24 hours online for replying your questions & inquiries at the first time
Professional suggestions for the furnace solution before order
Keep clients updated in the process of production
Quick feedback for problems

Brief introduction of our company

LTD is engaged to the development, production and sales of medium frequency furnace. It is
now featured IGBT series, which are mainly used in metal heating, forging, melting and welding of the machinery manufacturing, machining and auto industry. Main componets are all made up of transistor manifold from well-known manufacturers and German original high-power-speed switching tube IGBT. Fortune electric products are sold nationwide with competitive price and reliable quality. It is our philosophy that to creat value with our service.
We have got ISO9001:2008 certificate, CCC certificate. Besides, we also have got CE certificate, UL certificate as well as SONCAP certificate for our main products.
We have always been committed to technological innovation for various requirements of our customers. As we integrate the technology, manufacturing, sales and service, we will offer professional traning before sales, and after-sales services. It is our wish that is to provide the most effective and in-time services so that we will offer more values to our customers

Continuous casting machine

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Basic Info

Model NO.: HCCM
Casting Metal: Cast Iron
Color: Green or Blue
Specification: CCC, CE, ISO
Casting Form Material: Metal
Certification: CE, ISO 9001:2008

  • Continuous casting machine
  • Continuous casting machine
  • Continuous casting machine
  • Assembled-Integrated-Continuous-Casting-Machine-CCM
  • Professional-Continuous-Metal-Casting-Machine-with-High-Technol

Product Description

The horizontal continuous casting machine  is mainly used for brass bar,brass tube making.The materials can be pure brass ,scrap brass and other brass materials.
Main composed parts :
1.Induction furnace
2. Traction machine
3. Automatic cutting machine
4. peeling machine(barking machine)
5. Electric control system
6.Water cooling system
7. Dust removal equipment.

Mini Laboratory DC Submerged Arc Furnace

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Automation creates the smartest electrical and automation solutions for optimal plant performance and optimal product quality according to specific project conditions.
does not only make its standard application, but also creates solutions to satisfy the customer for their special conditions.

Aim for our Automation

Reliable Process
Maximum Plant performance
Fast execution
Compatible to all existing operative units
Minimum disturbance to ongoing operations.
Different level automation solutions: Level-1, Level-1.5, Level-2

supplies automation system for the following main units

Electric Arc Furnaces
Ladle Furnaces
Continuous Casting Machines
Fume Treatment Plants
Water Treatment Plants
Material Handling Systems
Rolling Mills
Automation for all auxiliary units

Mesh Belt Type Continuous Quenching Tempering Furnace

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Product Description

Conveyor Automation offers automation solutions to technological systems.
conveyor automation scada application as an example because there was another production line automation has been given to SCADA.
In a nut processing plant from four separate locations in 5 different points of the goods to perform the transfer conveyor automation. Go to the product on the pallet from four separate points where the operator is determined by the push of a button, and each party goods party independent of the earlier and later in a way that can be sent to the desired location. This system is used in conveyor 22, located on the property where to go to write to memory and transmits this information to the next conveyor. Therefore repeatedly stops cold storage of goods, for example when you go to the other one can be sent out automatically. Software reciprocal to each other at the same time the goods are not sent from the second position recognizes the priority of goods going to avoid confusion are sending warning signals. Consists of two kinds of mechanical conveyor belt system. Linear transition flat conveyor belt, broken lines 90o rotation of the conveyor were utilized. Automation of system 128 DI, DQ 64, 4 and 4 AQ carried out by the PLC

Induction furnace spare parts

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Basic Info

  • Ajax Tocco Melting
  • Chill Blocks
  • Coil
  • Coil Insulation Material
  • Coil Support
  • Control Card
  • Current Limiting Reactor
  • Flow Switch
  • Inverter Scr 1133 9109
  • Metal Coils
  • Rectifier Diode
  • Semi Conductor Fuses
  • Snubber Components
  • Water Cooled Power Cables

Induction Furnace Components

As a multi-dimensional company, Induction Furnace Components provides a diverse range of sustainable solutions in the field of steel and induction melting furnace spare parts. Our company has covered a long journey of a decade in the field of manufacturing premium quality spare parts.
With fully stocked spares and a dedicated team, we are able to provide a reliable after sales service to all our customers. We provide all spare parts and field services for leading brands in melting furnace including Inductotherm, Electro Therm, Megatherm, Ajox and Pillar. We specialize in inductotherm make induction melting furnace spare parts.

We are one of the leading Manufacturers, Exporters, Suppliers, Distributors, Service Providers and Consultants of all spare parts of furnaces. The company is the outcome of visionary entrepreneurs who worked day in and day out for achieving the set goals. In this regard, a major contribution of latest machinery and a dedicated workforce holds credit.
We have performed impressively not only in the domestic market, but also in the global market. Our export markets include Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, England, South Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia, Canada, Philippines, Slovenia, Croatia, Argentina, Middle East Countries and other Asian Countries. All we strive for is quality with minimum breakdown time, timely delivery and total customer satisfaction.

We Offer

Induction Melting Furnace Assembly
Induction Furnace Assembly Parts
Melting Coil And Coil Restrain Kit
Refractory Castable Top Bottom Blocks And Tie Rod
Water Cool Cable And Furnace Isolation Switches.

Scope of Brand

Allen Bradly

Rockwell Automation





COOPER ( Crouse _ Hinds)






Thomas & Betts






Schneider Electric














Electricfor Heaters